What Differentiates Renasa

Distribution Concentrated in Independent Broker Market

While Renasa administers policies and claims on a portion of its book, the majority is administered by independent intermediaries on their own/bureau systems. This improves broker service levels and competitiveness.

Technology is the Difference – Freedom with a Competitive Edge

Many brokers operate on independent systems. What is unique at Renasa is its ability to provide independent brokers with scientific rates and systemized claims control while allowing them to operate independently. Renasa has achieved this by integrating its systems to the independent policy and claims administration systems used by intermediaries.

Traditional/ Personal Commercial Lines Service – Quick Answers

Despite the pressures of the modern competitive market, Renasa provides a traditional personal service by experienced and well qualified broker managers who are mandated to provide cover and make claims decisions on the spot.

Brokers Manage Personal Lines Under Mandate – Freedom

Using their own independent policy and claims administration systems to which Renasa's systems are integrated, brokers can handle personal lines under mandate with the benefit of both scientific rates and systemized claims cost control.

Renasa Services Nationally – If not in your town, we will come to you

Renasa offers its products and services nationally. If Renasa does not have a branch or representative office nearby, Renasa will bring its brand of personal service to you.